Stencilio will open your eyes
for the beautiful things in life.

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Creativity in topics

Different topics Stencilio provides time-based topics, which can be filled through the community with content submissions.

Think in all shapes and
let them inspire you.

Focus on submissions, not users.

Focus on the content Focus the content of the submissions,
not the users.

Stencilio puts the submission in the center and the self-representation of users in the background.

If you look on a photo, which someone shot, you should look on the photo first - not on the person behind.

Forget the likes

Stencilio arrives with a new kind of rating behavior.

You're still able to vote yes or no, based on the content, but you don't see your fame in numbers.

Anyway, why?

Because if you concentrate on the inspiration, actually it doesn't matter.

Stencilio rating behavior

Control your creativity triggers

Let stencilio inform you at a given day and time about active and upcoming topics, where you are able to submit some creative output. Use the inspiration.

You are the boss.

For sure stencilio also respects your beauty rest as well.

Notification settings Notification settings

Content types

Photo TypePhoto Live TypeVideo TypeVideo Live TypeText TypeAudio Type

Choose the shape of your submission You are able to submit any content you like.

Use your fingers to write text, the microphone to record audio and the camera to take beautiful photos and videos.

Technology is the limitation,
creativity is limitless.